These are the reasons why Sundar Pichai was hired by Google.

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I would like to start with a question to which many people always give the wrong answer and like many other people, you will be very surprised to see the answer to the question.


Is Sundar Pichai a good programmer?

Pichai Sundararajan from his original name and also called Sundar Pichai is not a good programmer, he may have basic programming skills. He is a great leader and product manager. there must be more than 1,000 programmers better than Sundar Pichai in Google. And this is the case for most TECH companies. Obviously, Pichai was not hired by Google as a programmer, he was hired from his product management skills in 2024 and that is what brought him to the top today.


Who is Sunder Pichai?

Sundar Pichai, 48 years old today, was born on June 10, 1972, in Madurai, India, of Tamil parents Lakshmi & Regunatha Pichai. His father Regunatha Pichai was a senior electrical engineer for the British General Electric Company (GEC) conglomerate and ran a manufacturing plant for electrical components.


Pichai graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology in Kharagpur (IIT KGP) in Metallurgical Engineering. Instead of pursuing his Ph.D. at Stanford, as his professor suggested, he decided to pursue studies in MS and MBA. He holds a master's degree from Stanford University in Materials Science and Engineering, and later an MBA from the Wharton School, where he was named "Siebel Fellow and Palmer Fellow".


Pichai began his career as a Materials Engineer where he worked in Engineering and Product Management at Applied Materials, then in management consulting at McKinsey & Company. He then joined Google in 2004. By 2009, Pichai demonstrated his management skills, which led him to head the Product Management and Innovation department at Google, where he managed many Google products, including Google Chrome and Chrome OS, and was largely responsible for Google Drive. He then oversaw the development of other applications such as Gmail and Google Maps on November 19, 2009. With his efforts, Chrome OS was finally made public in 2012. In the same spirit, Sundar added Android to Google Oversee in 2013 and Google was very pleased to appoint Sunder Pichai as CEO of Google Inc in August 2015. With this heavy responsibility, Pichai redefined the strategy to place many Google products in the top 5 most used Internet products and services. Recently in December 2019, it was the biggest news in the city to see Sundar Pichai appointed (CEO) of Alphabet Inc, the parent company of Google.


These Are The Possible Reasons Why Sundar Pichai Will Then Become Google CEO then, for Alphabet Inc.


Rather than his programming skills, his innovative ideas and the analysis of a product from the user side earned him the title.


1. Pichai has already led product management and engineering for all of these projects since last October. This was intended to allow Page himself to focus on "lunar" projects that could have a 10X impact. For all intents and purposes, Android, Chrome, Apps, YouTube, Maps, and Search were led by him. Pichai made all the big calls for these products.


2. Pichai is considered one of the most versatile executives in the technology industry. With a savvy instinct for the product, coupled with business savvy, Pichai is the perfect person to lead Google's Internet products. Perhaps even more than Larry Page, whose penchant for moonlight is sometimes so long-term that it can be considered illogical.


3. Pichai is Page's most trusted lieutenant. Since 2012, when Page took over Google from Eric Schmidt, Page installed a central team of vice presidents that included people like Vic Gundotra, Andy Rubin, Pichai, Nikesh Arora, and more. Pichai survived them all in part because he managed to cannibalize their roles one by one in his initial role as head of Chrome. Rubin gave up control of Android in 2014 for a robotic project at Google, and Pichai became the singular lord of Google's two operating systems. Under him, the two operating systems have come closer. In October 2014, Pichai became Google's most influential executive, taking charge of product management and engineering for everything from Chrome to Google Maps.


4. Pichai is an extremely talented executive who has also been the target of Google's competitors. In late 2013, when Microsoft was looking to succeed Steve Ballmer as CEO, Pichai was in the running to replace Ballmer. Finally, Microsoft chose internally with Satya Nadella. However, Page being CEO, Pichai had little room for growth. Now that Alphabet has been created, Pichai is now the CEO of Google. Alphabet could also be a step towards retaining some of Google's talent. In recent years, many old hands have left the business. Pichai's exit will be a blow.


5. Pichai is also the Google person who focuses more on emerging markets than any other Google executive. As emerging markets are seen as future growth markets, it is essential to focus on them. Under Pichai, Google launched the Android One program in India and other emerging markets. Chrome OS was designed as an operating system for low-cost computers and linked to the Internet, which Pichai believes is the future of IT in emerging markets. YouTube is now offline and content can be viewed without the Internet, as is Google Maps. Google Now, search and voice search offer the best adaptive machine learning experience and are widely available in emerging markets, unlike competing products from Microsoft and Apple. Under Pichai, even Google+ is being revamped because its powerful photo tool has been transformed into undoubtedly the best free photo solution available on Android and iOS.


6. Political Navigator: One of the main reasons for Pichai's rise, say, industry insiders, is his ability to navigate 365 billion dollar corporate politics. Pichai was adept at staying out of politics and drama at Google.


7. Solution Finding: He is one of the guys who knows the solution to most of the problems. Instead of being someone who intervenes throughout a meeting, he sits in the back, listens, and, once everyone has had their say, delivers an idea that works for everyone. A great leader: He is known for promoting good people as opposed to those who are political and opportunistic. His reputation as a fun manager at work means that people want to be transferred to his teams to help him build solid configurations.


8. Great visionary: Another of Pichai's main skills is his connection with Page, who talks more about concepts and big ideas. It is often left to Pichai to translate Page's vision into specific objectives.


9. Charismatic memory: Pichai has an unusual gift that seemed to him little more than a curiosity when he was a child, but he served it incredibly well in adulthood: he has an insane digital reminder and can remember every number he dialed. In addition, he has a very deep knowledge of the various Google products.


Why Product Management Skills Are So Highly Rated Than Programmers?

Programmers write code and there are millions of people who can write good code. But the best code doesn’t mean a successful product. The success of TECH products needs a lot more things than just code.

Product managers on the other hand provide a more leadership role for the product. It needs much more than technical skills. It needs business, market, as well as the end-user understanding of the product. They match the human and tech element of the product.

So, in short, it’s easy to code these days, considering the millions of programmers that are there, but to know what to code is a challenge and only a few people are really good at



get the bonus after this conclusion🔥

Well, his profile suggests he doesn't. He has done his grads from IIT-K in Metallurgy. And later an MS plus an MBA degree from the US. He joined Google as a product manager. This does not give the slightest hint of programming. But he is a smart guy! And as far as it gets I think anyone can code. We have seen him give an esoteric speech at Google I/O 2014 that delineates his acumen for technology. So I suggest if he hasn't coded ever, he better starts doing now, 😅 because he would be one heck of a programmer and to make it fun, this what happen:


A good programmer knows:

How to write a great piece of code.

How to make an app, which works great in a device.

To find bugs and fix them.


A good leader knows:

They know what people want.

They know what people like the most. They have a vision.

They know how to manage and how to inspire people to do work, how to make them work.

They know where their company is heading. What they are going to do 5 years from now.

They know how to overcome the competition.

They know about the problems of people. They observe tiny little details.


Bonus: What Is The Salary Of Sundar Pichai?


Ex-McKinsey & Company consultant, Sundar Pichai is one of the richest corporate executives.

Mckinsey "The CEO Factory": Quickest Path To The Top

His total net worth exceeds 1.2 Billion dollars and he has never run his own business!

What’s the compensation of Sundar Pichai as CEO?

Pichai received $ 650 K as an annual salary and $ 683 K as compensation in 2017. That makes his total salary and compensation of $ 1.3 Million.

The major part of his $ 683 K compensation went towards his personal security cost.

As of today, Pichai Annual salary is up to  2 million USD

How did Sundar Pichai become a Billionaire?


Stock Options!

As per the SEC 2017 filing, Sundar Pichai has received $ 198 million through stock options in 2016 and $ 100 million through stock options in 2015.


In 2017 Pichai received $ 131million in stock options. As per Google 2018 3rd Quarter Investor report, google stock-based payout has increased by over 20% in 2018.

So it’s safe to assume Sundar Pichai must have gotten $ 200 Million in 2018 similar to what he got in 2016.

In short, Sundar Pichai is loaded with money,

and increasing google share prices are making him richer!






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