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work in usa for african

Get the opportunity to work in the USA as a professional in your domain. We offer you a unique way to apply for jobs in the USA and help you through the process of getting the visa and sign a contract with a competitive salary. English Language and at least 2 years of experience are necessary to apply. We are doing this for one of our partners. Please don’t send your email to anyone else that the email provided at the How to apply section of this page.

This is the list of the vacant positions apply only if you meet these requirements(Qualification)

Qualifications(preferable from Cameroon but you can still apply):

  1. Previous experience in the interested job
  2. Ability to build rapport with residents
  3. Compassionate and caring demeanor
  4. Familiarity with job terminology
  5. Ability to work well in teams
  6. Owner of a Passport
  7. Can Speak and Write English


  • ✔️ Customer Service Representative
  • ✔️ Sales Front Desk Specialist
  • ✔️ Accounts Payable & Receivable Clerk
  • ✔️ Passenger Service Agent
  • ✔️ Water Treatment Worker Series:
  •      - Assistant Water Treatment Worker
  •      - Water Treatment Worker 1
  •      - Water Treatment Worker 2
  • ✔️ Administrative Assistant/Receptionist
  • ✔️ Outside Sales Representative
  • ✔️ Hotel Department Cleaner
  • ✔️ Kitchen Department Cleaner
  • ✔️ CNA /Driver
  • ✔️ Cook(Kitchen Management)
  • ✔️ Photographer
  • ✔️ Translator(French and English)
  • ✔️ Labour(Construction Assistant) 
  • ✔️ Learning & Development Content Designer - Ensign Services
  • ✔️ HRIS Analyst
  • ✔️ After Hours RN
  • ✔️ Managed Care Liaison
  • ✔️ Payroll Resource
  • ✔️ Medical Records Staff
  • ✔️ Vice President of Accounts Receivable
  • ✔️ Personal Care Attendant | Excell Private Care Services
  • ✔️ Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) l Excell Private Care Services
  • ✔️ Engineers 
  • ✔️ Administrative Manager
  • ✔️ Accounts Receivable Specialist
  • ✔️ Regional Director of Accounts Receivables
  • ✔️ Skilled Nursing Administrator in Training
  • ✔️ Director of Nursing in Training (RN)
  • ✔️ Field Information Systems / IT Field Resource
  • ✔️ Regional Registered Nurse 
  • ✔️ General Ledger Accountant

How to apply

Please just send us an email with the following documents attached at kamdjou.duplex@bproo.com

  1. A copy of your Passport. 
  2. A copy of your National ID and Birth Certificate. 
  3. A copy of your Medical certificate. 
  4. A copy of a recommendation letter from a government company.
  5. A copy of your Driver’s license
  6. A copy of your CV in PDF

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