Find out what you like doing best, and get someone to pay you for doing it

“Find out what you like doing best, and get someone to pay you for doing it “— Katharine Whitehorn

The advent of the internet has opened the doors to a flood of opportunities. This has commonly lead to the world referred to as a global village. One of these opportunities is the possibility of remote working and freelancing. Have you ever considered engaging in a freelancing career? Be it part time or full time? Well, if your answer is ‘NO’, then that’s fine. I was there, a few years ago. In as much as individuals may have different understandings and philosophies of life, here are some few points that might change your mind… If you totally despise freelancing, feel free to close this page

You are still here? let’s dive into the subject matter.

  1. Increased Opportunities. In a traditional setting, one can work for a company or client in the same or neighbouring geographical region. This means that if opportunities around us do not suit us, we either convince ourselves it is the only choice, or we move to a different geographical location. 
    The rule changes with freelancing, the entire world becomes your market, or sphere of influence. You can get clients that live a million kilometres away from you. Hence, opportunities are increased over a thousand factor.
  2. Higher Wages, higher currencies. It is a usual tendency for humans to search for greener pasture. With clients found in foreign continents and countries, there are great chances that have better working conditions, better working standards and currencies of higher values.
  3. Freedom. In a traditional work setting, one needs to dress formally and present oneself at the job site within a strictly controlled working hour range. This has to be respected irrespective of events like snow, traffic, rain etc. With freelancing the game changes, you have the possibilities of setting your working periods. You don’t have the restriction a formal dressing and you can maintain a stable work-flow in the presence of adverse weather conditions. Usually, all you need is a good internet connection and your electronic devices. You may then decide to work in a well-ventilated room or at the beach.
  4. Variety of Culture. The increase in the universal set for clients gives room for a variety of clients/companies. As a freelancer, you tend to work with companies and colleagues with different mindsets, religions, approaches and philosophies from yours. This provides room for you all to explore these differences and learn from one another.
  5. Coupling with other activities. When working on-site, you have a limited set of activities you do within the week. With freelancing, it easier to work while having a life outside work; working and going to college, working and looking up continuously over your kids. It is even possible to have a job onsite and other freelance tasks are done after the on-site job. Freelancing easily blends with other activities.
  6. You can cherry-pick and your clients. As one grows in the freelancing path, there is a high possibility that one receives an influx of requests from clients to help them complete their work. This is especially true for freelancers with a proven record of great success and accomplishment. With such, one can then filter and cherr-pick clients with the best working conditions and pay rate.

If you start early, the fortune belongs to you — Jim Rohn
If You Start Early, the Odds Are Heavy in Your Favour

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