Installing Applications On Linux and Ubuntu

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Installing Appliations On Linux And Ubuntu


This article is a continuation of a series of posts on Basic Command Lines With Linux Operating System for beginners having their first experience with command line. In this article we look at the different ways you could install a program by command line, something we all have to do at some point in our Linux life. Once more we will be using the Ubuntu distribution of Linux.


Installing Applications Using The Package Manager APT

If you are running a Debian OS like Ubuntu or Kali, apt is your package manager. You could also replace apt for apt-get they basically accomplish the same thing. While on Debian systems apt can be used as package manager, on Centos OS we have yum and on Red Hat Linux rpm . They pretty work the same way apt or apt-get do.

sudo apt install <program_name>

For example installing the screen recording program kazam

sudo apt install kazam

It is recommended to run sudo apt update before the install. This updates the package lists with references to the recent versions of programs and dependencies currently installed on your system.


Installing Applications From Debian Package

To install .deb files on the command line can make use of the Debian Package Management System (DPKG) , apt or gdebi

sudo dpkg -i /path/to/debian/file 

If dependency issues are encountered during installation, run

sudo apt-get install -f

Fixes broken dependencies and installs them

Removing a package

sudo dpkg -r package_name

Example installing kazam

sudo wget
sudo dpkg -i ./kazam_1.4.5-2_all.deb
sudo dpkg -r kazam

Installing .deb package using apt

sudo apt install ./kazam_1.4.5-2_all.deb

Installing .deb file using gdebi

sudo gdebi kazam_1.4.5–2_all.deb


Installing Applications From Source Ubuntu

You will have to download the source code, decompress it, configure your system parameters in preps for the building process, and then install.

Downloading from repository

sudo wget

Decompress file

sudo tar xvsf ./curl-7.61.0.tar.gz

Checking if dependencies are available and setting appropriate environmental variables

cd curl-7.61.0 && ./configure

Build the program using make and install using make install

cd make && make install

We are done with installing applications on Linux using the command line, next we shall look at utilities for downloading and doing great stuffs on the Internet using the command line.


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