what are the steps to develope the skills of web developer?


Step 1 : When you open any website try to observe the way the website is design.

Step 2 : When you Like any style on the website then move the mouse pointer over the style then right click on it a new mini window will be open which consists of copy,Paste etc...in that find inspect element and when you find then click on it, a console will be open where you can find the source code of the style and try to understand and develope your own style.

Step 3 : Try to make website from what you learn and host in a local server and share to your web developer friends.

Step 4 : Apply as many internship are possible and try to finish the internship with accuracy.

Step 5 : it is important for every web developer to make the websites which are responsive,fast and content with 100% helpful and understandable to the public.

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